Wood Floor Filling – Introducing the Pine Sliver

Natural wooden floors are just beautiful, aren’t they? We particularly love reclaimed boards.

With the variety of grains that show nature at its finest through the wood, this is something not available in mass-produced floors.

The only problem with natural wood flooring is that modern heating and house movement causes floor boards to retract and expand, causing natural shrinkage and leaving gaps between each board. These collect dust and hair – an issue for those who clean the house. Gaps in floorboards can also result in drafts and creaking.

We realised there was a need to be able to fill these gaps quickly and easily and yet retain the original charm of the floor. Period Projects have a solution. We’ve created the “SLIVER” which is used to fill the gaps, helping to prevent dust build up and giving you the chance to create a professional-looking floor with minimal fuss. What’s more, if you have pipes under the floor boards, or squeaky boards, rather than nailing it you can put a SLIVER in.

Specialist Wood Floor Filling

The majority of fillers start to shrink, change colour and fall out. We recommend using our highest quality sourced wood SLIVER. It will give your floor that ultimate professional finish. It quickly and easily fills unsightly gaps in between wooden boards with wedges of old reclaimed floorboard.

Our unique way to fill is to use a wedge of reclaimed pine that fills gaps, prevents dust and takes applications of varnish or water-borne sealer finish (which keep floors their natural colour). So you can fill gaps quickly and easily, with minimal fuss.