We have been trading over 30 years and specialise in Beautiful Period Doors, Shutters, Panelling, Stained Glass,  Reclaimed Wood Products and Furniture.  In addition our team provides exceptional services such as Dust Free Floor Sanding, stripping and restoring of doors and furniture, and we specialise in stained glass bespoke creation and restoration.

Period Projects is a professional business with a range of specialist skills. Based in the heart of Hampshire but able to travel country wide.  We currently have three workshops and a showroom.

Period Projects Victorian Door Company Southampton

Period Projects, has available to view and purchase reclaimed flooring and flooring supplies including the ‘Original Old Pine Co’ Sliver.  We also stock thousands of Reclaimed Doors both in showroom and many are seen here on the website. If you are unsure at any time our expertise means we are able to advise on every aspect of your purchase and ensure your purchase is in keeping with the period of your property.  Door Furniture such as Knobs, Knockers and Hooks which are in keeping with your period purchase are always in stock.

We also source, repair and reproduce fireplace surrounds and sell Original Reclaimed Fireplaces.

The reclamation side of the business means from time to time you will also find some antique and vintage treasures on our site and we do hope you love what you find.


The UK is one of the world’s largest consumers of timber and paper products. In the UK each year we consume about 50 million cubic metres of timber and paper products, double that used by India. Our per capita consumption is one of the highest in the world, yet only 15 per cent is produced domestically, which means we import the largest amount of wood from tropical rainforests. As a result of our over consumption of timber and paper, diverse natural forests are under threat.

Say Friends Of The Earth, “There is clearly a requirement on the UK to decrease its consumption of primary wood products. This could be achieved by consuming less, switching to secondary wood products (such as recycled paper and timber) and the greater use of agricultural fibres, especially by-products.” To read more click here.

Reclaimed (recycled) wood is available by pulling up existing wood floors and reusing them, whole beams from old warehouses can be reclaimed, and fire-damaged doors can even be recycled.


  • It’s environmentally-friendly, not only because its recycled, but because wood conserves energy (It takes 15” of concrete to equal the insulation qualities of just one inch of wood.)
  • Reclaimed wood or secondary wood helps with the need to reduce consumption of primary wood products helping sustainability of forests.
  • Reclaimed pine is easier to colour match than new wood.
  • Old wood has a history of its own and enjoys character marks and patination not found in new wood. Basically, old pine looks better than brand new pine.
  • Solid wood floors have an extended life span.
  • Wood flooring and furniture require fewer chemicals to clean than other floor coverings and they don’t trap dust and fumes in the fibres or grow mold in the grout.
  • New furniture tends to be mass produced and is made from new soft timber which can have many knots.