A Caustic Tank is the most commonly used method to strip paint from wood doors and furniture. Many people assume a stripping tank is an acid bath, it is totally the opposite; caustic soda is an alkaline. We use a Hot Caustic Tank – the hot tank can be used for both wooden items and metalwork. The […]

Get the Right Detail for your Chosen Era Understanding how to get the detailing right for your chosen Period style is an absolute necessity, with many developers and builders who believe traditional style is still worth maintaining. It is surprising just how many house builders and developers, both private and commercial, manage to get it so […]

Parquet Flooring Company Southampton

Sanding parquet flooring is different from ordinary floor sanding. The reason being that when sanding, you should always go with the grain. Of course with parquet – this is quite impossible! We have been sanding Parquet floors for over 20 years – and we are true experts. Whilst many people attempt to sand their own […]

The Rio Olympics have revealed sustainability is at the heart of everything they are doing. Of course, we here at Period projects applaud this and in everything we make and do this has been a priority of ours. We have long been Green and environmentally aware and hope to see even more awareness raised by Rio. […]

Parquet Flooring Company Southampton

Natural wooden floors are just beautiful, aren’t they? We particularly love reclaimed boards. With the variety of grains that show nature at its finest through the wood, this is something not available in mass-produced floors. The only problem with natural wood flooring is that modern heating and house movement causes floor boards to retract and expand, […]