Parquet Flooring – Call in the experts or else!

Parquet Flooring Company Southampton

Sanding parquet flooring is different from ordinary floor sanding. The reason being that when sanding, you should always go with the grain. Of course with parquet – this is quite impossible! We have been sanding Parquet floors for over 20 years – and we are true experts. Whilst many people attempt to sand their own floors, there is a real technique required to get excellent results.

How do we sand Parquet Flooring?

We sand it at a 45 degrees angle to the grain.

First of all, we make sure all wood blocks are stuck down solid and remove all staples, nails and metal objects from the floor.

Once the floor is solid we start floor sanding. We use the best and newest equipment which is completely dust free.

We remove any deep scratches first and we level the edges.

Next we fill the gaps in the blocks from the sanding process, by mixing filler and dust to make a paste.

Now it’s time for the final pass with the belt floor sander. Then we sand all of the corners down that the edger floor sander was unable to reach.

Once the parquet floor is all sanded we buff it – with much time and care paid at this stage. This brings out any imperfections.

Once the floor is smooth and any scratches removed we give the floor a good hoover and damp mop, so it is ready for the seal.

Finally, it’s time to start sealing the floor and all our work comes to life. We use a short pile roller and roller the prime on to the floor. We use 1 coat of prime on a bare floor followed by 2 coats of polyurethane wood floor sealer – sometimes three coats if it is a high traffic area or there will be a large amount of pet traffic. We make sure to let each coat dry properly before applying the next and make sure to buff the floor too.

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