Internal 9 Panel Waxed Door – For Trade or Home 
Victorian Style door made to look original – 
The detail and dimensions were formulated to mimic a period door 
Retaining all the charm of a period property through your doors #
30″ x 78″ x 35mm Thick
However we can trim or add to dimensions for an additional fee.
We also have a separate listing for an unfinished door.
 These particular doors are solid pine engineered in construction.  

Glazing – Choose from a number of options: 

Centre Panel:

CLEAR GLASS – included

If you wanted Single Fleur or double Fleur in the centre – this is an additional £120.00 inc VAT. 

Top, Bottom and Sides (x4):

Single Fleur – included

Double Fleur – included  

Clear Glass – included

Corners x 4:

Single Fleur – included  

Double Fleur – included

Clear glass – included 

Victorian Corners* our choice included  

* The corners could be any x 4 (matching) of the Victorian patterns.  We decide this – this is not a specific design that you can select.

We could also – if you wanted insert x 2 and x 2 designs matching diagonally (again not a specific design you select).

We cannot guarantee an exact match (a specific pattern).  These are cut from a full sheet of patterned glass in house – this is why they are included in the offer.  We would have too much wastage if we did x 4 exact Victorian designs and this would not be cost efficient for us as this glass is very expensive to buy. Sorry.

If you wanted a specific Victorian design – matching x 4 corners we would need to order these in from our supplier especially.

This would be an additional: £62.40 (for x 4).  

Ruby Red – Clear with clear film on one side for safety purposes – an additional £48.00 (£12.00 each).

Royal Blue – Clear with clear film on one side for safety purposes – an additional £48.00 (£12.00 each)

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